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Carver Ninth Grade Academy

Carver Ninth Grade Academy is located at 1001 Webb Road in Dothan, Alabama. 

Direct School Phone Line: 334.702.7266

Fax Number: 334.794.1415

The school provides superior customer service to approximately 540 students. Daily students are encouraged to rise to their best ALPHA potential. This concept is housed in the school's mission: Carver Nine strives to produce students that are loyal and passionate to their education while also honoring themselves and others with an attitude of service and hard work.

The school's principal, Mr. Todd Mitchell, aim is "to give students and staff a great educational and ninth grade experience, preparing students for a successful high school transition."

Carver Ninth Grade Academy has one assistant principal, Evelyn Parker,  that works alongside Mr. Mitchell to ensure that students and teachers have an outstanding educational experience. 

To ensure that students are on track to graduate, Carver Nine has an amazing counselor. Mrs. Morehead is available to aid students in academic tracking and any other accompanying needs to deploy academic success.

Carver Ninth grade has a superior clerical staff to welcome and assist all stakeholders. Mrs. Tina Broadaway serves as the school secretary. Mrs. Davis serves as our registrar. 

Mrs. Mckissic is our Parental Involvement Specialist. Her aim is to ensure students are present and have all of the necessary prerequisites to sustain satisfactory attendance. 

Behavior Specialist, Ms.Bolden, aids Carver Ninth Grade in ensuring a safe and productive learning environment.

High student achievement is at the apex of Carver Ninth Grade Academy. Daily, there are 36 teachers administering instruction that prepares students for tenth grade and beyond. Approximately eight instructional/collaborative aides work in conjunction with teachers to ensure that the academic needs of all students are being met. 

The Cafeteria Nutrition Program under the management of Ms. Caesar provides a wholesome breakfast and lunch to students daily.

Five custodial workers under the leadership of Mr. James Walker ensure that the campus is free of debris and in a comely state on a daily basis.

Health needs are adequately taken care of my Nurse Grubbs and Wilson on an as-needed basis. 

Safety and Security is reinforced/enhanced with two Safety Resource Officers. 

Under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Jay Bruner, a dynamic team of certified bus drivers ensure safe and adequate transportation for students desiring to ride a bus.

If there is any way that we can help with providing additional service to you,  please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are Carver 9!